A summer to read – "Queen of chaos"

As we dive into the hottest days of summer, it’s more important that we arm ourselves with the tools we need to make it to Labor Day. What tools would those be, you ask? Well, there is the tanning lotion with SPF 2500, or if you prefer, a full body, chemical and biological protective clothing for when you go to […]

1969 Ford Mustang 4-speed gear lever linkage explained

The 1969 Ford Mustang 4-speed shifter linkage was only made for one year. The control box was completely different from the 4-speed paddle shifters that Ford made. One big reason was that the reverse lock feature was on the gear lever body and not the handle. Which was the reason for its short life, the reverse seal was a piece […]

5 makeshift furniture for your college apartment

Do you need cheap furniture to create a living space in your college housing? Here are 5 creative furniture you can make inexpensively, and sometimes for free. These furniture alternatives are super easy to install, versatile, and great to take apart, transport, and reuse! The filing cabinet and the door desk The most important thing is the desktop. You will […]