Is there a fiduciary responsibility to discuss long-term care planning?

The report of planners being sued by heirs or family members for failing to discuss long-term care planning and protection options may currently be more hearsay than fact, but leading national experts report they are inevitable. “I haven’t seen many claims of this nature. That said, it’s conceivable that you’ll see claims against planners, and given the aging population, you’ll […]

Diabetic Breakfast Ideas from the Pros

Assuming you are diagnosed with diabetes, you need to be very disciplined about the food items you eat. This is keeping in mind that finding a clean and healthy diabetic menu is important to you, but also because you should only choose the right foods to curb diabetes in the best possible way, and keep in mind, the foods you […]

Zune Games – The Future of the Zune

The best feature that Zune fans enjoy is the Zune games. Microsoft has finally made this dream come true for gamers. However, its success is not a surprise, as the company was very successful with the Xbox 360. Why The Games? Think about the capabilities of the Zune platform and what it can offer its users. It has a big […]

Corona – A blessing in disguise

Since the COVID-19-Coronavirus-Pandemic (call it what you want) broke out in the world, life stopped, stopped, moved, stopped again, stopped again, moved again, sometimes ran And it keeps moving… Folks, corona will definitely go away someday, sometime, but mark my words… THIS TIME WOULD NEVER COME BACK!! I’m going to elaborate on my thinking now. Go back to 2019. Try […]

The Boltheads love their San Diego Chargers

On September 5, 2009, the San Diego Chargers will open the season at Qualcomm Stadium. Although details about the new season are still being ironed out, there is already huge anticipation electrifying the air. The buzz is very positive about this team’s chance for a championship season. This has created an even more frantic demand for San Diego Chargers tickets. […]

Cabinet Session: Artest’s Bomb Ticks

It will only end in tears. Sure, ESPN has wasted millions in airtime pontificating (as only they can) about the benefits of acquiring problem players. You’ve seen the highlights: Dennis Rodman kicking people around, Terrell Owens doing sit-ups in the driveway, Darryl Strawberry wiping white powder under his nose, Steve Howe returning to the Yankees after his thousandth drug suspension. […]

Shooting at the Cotton Bowl Corral

Today 10 – 11 – 2008 was more than just another day at the State Fair of Texas organized by the city of Dallas. It also marked the 103rd meeting between the legendary Oklahoma Sooners and the famous Texas Longhorns. Billed as Red River Rivalry, before 2005 it was called Red River Shoot Out, and today it was just that, […]

Causes of penile flaking and how to fix it

What makes a man’s penis red, scaly, and painful all over? penis peeling! If a man sees his skin falling off and things just aren’t right, he should read on. Many things can lead to peeling skin on the penis. Some are serious, but most are easy to remedy and do not affect a man in the long run. Let’s […]