Gain muscle and lose fat: improve the Zig-Zag method

The zig-zag diet is a fascinating concept that has many followers, the idea being that by alternating your calorie intake, you can create a calorie deficit without suppressing your metabolism. This is not effective for a couple of reasons. The reduction in metabolic rate usually follows a decrease in weight or activity level, which makes a lot of sense. A […]

What a 3 day diet plan can do for you

The problems of life are largely due to some deep hidden reasons. The solution to these problems is often not a quick fix. A quick diet plan could solve your weight loss problems, but you’ll need to understand the benefits and side effects. Our growth and development requires change. To lose weight effectively, you’ll need to make some healthy changes […]

How to lose love handles forever

If you really want to lose your “love tires”, you have come to the right place. She will learn some basic techniques that she can use in the privacy of her own home to get rid of those unattractive love handles and be more confident in her appearance. Love handles are those unsightly fat deposits that accumulate just above your […]

How to start a healthy lifestyle

I found that when I tried to lose weight before, it was always the motivation that seemed to be lacking. I was fine for a few days or even weeks and then it slipped away. I had been on the yo yo diet, losing 30lbs and then putting it all back on and on, for years! It seemed so easy, […]

What does it mean to build muscle mass?

If you exercise with weights, you may not lose body weight. You will be more likely to gain weight. Muscle is heavier than fat by volume. As you build muscle, you may lose inches, but not weight, because muscle bulk is heavier than fat. Strength training exercise (weight lifting) is not designed to help people lose weight. That is not […]

Weight Loss Tips – Top 10

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips Losing weight and keeping it off is not difficult; all you need are a few changes and the motivation to get started. Not sure where to start? Take a look at these fantastic tips to lose weight easily… 1) Keep a food and exercise diary This is a great way to keep track of your […]