How to sell a house and a lot

There are times when you think you are incompetent doing some things that are not in your field or expertise. In this adventure you come to prove something to yourself. The sale of a property is crucial, but if it is done with the proper documentation, legitimacy, good faith and the consent of both parties, the buyer and the seller, […]

Benefits and limitations of USB

USB has come a long way since its conception in 1995. It was originally designed to simplify the way consumers controlled peripherals and transferred data. Before USB, the main interfaces used were parallel and serial connectors, both with different protocols for transferring data and controlling peripherals. These connectors were often awkward and required numerous pins to be aligned to fit […]

Real Estate in Belize: A Precious Jewel in the Caribbean

Real estate in Belize is a completely different and completely unique real estate experience. This should come as no surprise when the country boasts of its diverse society, which is an incredible fusion of various cultures and languages. As the only Central American country with a British colonial heritage, Belize is sure to provide you with countless amazing experiences with […]

305 Marguerite Avenue – A modern sanctuary?

#305 Marguerite Cartwright Avenue, University of Nigeria, Nsukka Campus For many staff and students of the University of Nigeria and others across planet Earth it may just be another home in the suburbs of the University of Nigeria staff, campus from Nsukka and for probably. The house in question is quite historic. Why do you ask? It has at one […]

The truth about being debt free

People have debts with many creditors and at different interest rates. Knowing how to become debt free can save you a great deal of money if you are willing to become a true master of the art and science of money management. Realistically, there is NO magic formula for getting rid of debt. Review the debts you have: credit cards, […]

Top Five Cards for Valentine’s Day Tarot Readings

It’s Valentine’s Day. Do you want to love and be loved? Are you looking for a new love? Or do you want to strengthen your existing love relationships with your partner, family and friends? A Tarot reading is a great way to celebrate this special occasion. The Tarot will give you the information, guidance and direction you need to find […]