100% silk or 100% microfiber ties

When you consider what has traditionally been seen as fresh and elegant, materials like microfiber and polyester have been somewhat doomed as the least popular fabric. Italian silk has been on top of fashion savvy people around the world. Ask any of the jet-set crowd and you’ll get a cold, condescending look if you try to suggest anything else. When […]

Top Commercial Real Estate Agent

Commercial Real Estate Agent Are you looking for a Real estate agent in Munich? If you are, then the first thing that I would recommend you do is to narrow your search as much as possible down to those Real estate agents that meet the specific requirements of what you need. The requirements of a Real estate agent in Munich, […]

Positioning strategies for real estate agents

I was recently asked to give a talk for my good friend and co-author. from our best selling book in Singapore titled Get Rich Now: 15 Strategies of a Self Made Millionaire, Dr. Dennis Wee. (Dr. Wee is one of The most famous entrepreneurs in Singapore. Despite not having completed his secondary education, he managed to start and build his […]

Why forming an LLC is a good idea

If you have experience running your business, you understand the importance of having the correct corporate form. You should look to have a structure that not only helps long-term expansion, but also protects your assets. The good news is that your business can take many potential forms. You should consider, if you have a small business, forming an LLC. Consider […]

Childproof your car

Many parents go to great lengths to childproof their home to keep their children safe from harm. Aside from the home, it is also important for parents to childproof their car to protect children from potential hazards inside the vehicle. Ask yourself this question, are you sure your child is safe when hitting the road? There should never be gray […]