Probate Real Estate Investing: A Lesser Known Investment Opportunity

Probate real estate investment involves the purchase of properties from probate estates. Probate is the process used to inventory and distribute assets belonging to someone who has died. Depending on the complexity of the estate, the probate process can take between six months and three years. During this time, the estate is responsible for maintaining the property and paying mortgage […]

Basic Guide for Foreign Buyers of Real Estate in the USA

As the Great Recession slowly but surely fades with hopes of an eventual recovery on the horizon, foreign buyers and investors are beginning to look for opportunities in the US real estate market again. Although the housing market’s steady recovery is still a “work in progress,” many foreigners recognize that American real estate is “for sale,” plus the dollar is […]

Smart Tips for Successful Bank Owned Foreclosure Buying

Bank-owned foreclosures refer to those that have reverted to bank ownership after a public sale. These properties can range from single units to multi-family units, condominiums, apartments, townhouses, duplexes, and other types of structures. Once these properties become REO or bank owned, they will be listed as for sale, usually through listing providers or real estate brokers. Although you can […]

Insulation of a stone house from slipform

There can be no doubt that insulation should be of paramount importance when considering the construction of a new home. Slipform stone houses are no exception to this rule. Helen and Scott Nearing, early proponents of this stone building technique, claimed that their New England homes were comfortable year-round without much thought of insulation; in fact, his first slipform house […]

How to sell your house fast before foreclosure

Being foreclosed on is not a pleasant event, and it can affect your credit score and make it excruciatingly difficult or even impossible to obtain a home loan for the next seven years. Seven years! To avoid this type of disaster credit, one of the best options to consider is selling your home. However, in many situations, you will need […]

Realistic vs. Speculative Investment

Warren Buffett defined the difference between investing and speculating in this famous passage from his book, The smart investor: The most realistic distinction between the investor and the speculator is found in their attitude towards stock market movements. The speculator’s main interest lies in anticipating and profiting from market fluctuations. The investor’s main interest lies in acquiring and holding suitable […]

Abigail: There are no ghosts here!

Many of Victoria’s oldest restaurants and lodges, and even the Royal Victoria Golf Course, have ghost stories. Abigail’s Hotel guests often ask about the ghost story and the incredibly accommodating staff would love to tell you one. Unfortunately, the ghosts have not appeared. Abigail’s Hotel is located on the edge of downtown Victoria, a stone’s throw from the Inner Harbor […]