Promote events like an MLM Rockstar

What is an event? To be successful in network marketing, you must master how to promote events. Most people underestimate the power of events and their businesses suffer as a result. To understand the importance of events, you must know what I consider an event. An event is any type of conference call, presentation, training, webinar, or representative meeting that […]

Quintessential kitchen furnishing accessories

The modern kitchen is much more than a room that houses the home; today the space is an area par excellence in your home where the whole family gathers around a copious meal and a warm conversation. It is therefore not surprising that a person looking for kitchen decorating ideas will come across a plethora of themes and accessories in […]

Safety Tips for Cardio Machines

In the world of cardio machines, you really have your work cut out for you. When wearing these things, you are expected to push your body and sweat a lot. However, all your workouts are always secondary to your general health. Improper use or the wrong selection of cardio machine can negatively affect your general health and even harm you […]

A dozen ways to improve your speaking

For years I have enjoyed listening to speakers of all kinds, trying to identify what makes them successful. Many preachers have developed their skills to the level of fine arts, like Charles Swindoll or Joyce Meyers. With rare exceptions like President Barack Obama or, depending on the event, Sarah Palin, civic and political leaders often lag far behind religious leaders […]

Thread earrings for babies and children

Before I started in the baby and children’s jewelry business, I had never heard of screws. When I first got my inquiry about them, I thought they were those old-fashioned screw-down earrings our mothers and grandmothers wore, whose ears weren’t pierced. But the screws are not this style of earrings. They are set or pierced ears and have a normal […]

The problem with patent due diligence in M&A and how to fix it

As a business or investment professional involved in mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”), do you perform patent due diligence in accordance with the standard practices of your M&A attorneys and investment bankers? When patents form a significant aspect of transaction value, you’re probably getting the wrong advice on how to conduct your due diligence. The due diligence process must take into […]