best hot pot electric

hot pot electric A hot pot is a great way to enjoy Chinese-style soups or Korean bibimbap in the comfort of your own home. You can also use them to grill meats and vegetables or to slow cook a stew. These appliances are similar to crock-pots in that they heat food without direct flame. However, they differ in that you […]

How do you prevent warping or cracking in wooden furniture?

warping or cracking in wooden furniture Wood is a natural, living material that reacts to the environment around it. It is hygroscopic, meaning that it naturally absorbs and releases moisture to maintain a constant humidity level. However, this sensitivity to the surrounding air can lead to warping when it is not handled properly. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the […]

House Husbands: a role reversal

For centuries, we have been locked into the gender roles of men as provider and protector and women as homemaker and caretaker. But the 21st century has seen the beginning of role reversal within the family. Men are choosing to stay at home and become homemakers. The West, especially Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, has accepted this […]

Grandma’s hair was purple

I love thinking about my grandmother. She was a wonderful woman who laughed a lot. One of the visual things he loved about her was her hair…it was violet or purple to be exact. Back in the days when hair color was only evolving, people with gray hair didn’t have much choice about color except a rinse that kept their […]

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Using Methyl Alcohols

Methylated spirits, also known as metho, are basically a mixture of 95% ethyl alcohol and 5% methyl alcohol. One of the main uses of ethyl alcohol or ethanol is consumption in alcoholic beverages. Methyl alcohol or methanol, on the other hand, is considered toxic or poisonous. Therefore, the mixture is identified as “methylated” to warn people of the dangers associated […]

What is designer furniture?

Designer furniture is furniture that has been designed by an individual or a company to be very fashionable and contemporary in style. It is often one of a kind and is usually made from the best materials. Because designer furniture is so stylish and well made, it is usually more expensive than mass-produced furniture. Some people have the impression that […]

How interior design can bring your home to life

Imagine a simple workspace, with gray furniture, white walls, fluorescent lighting, and a few office basics like a desktop computer, pens, and paper. Sounds a bit bleak when you picture it in your head, doesn’t it? Now imagine a house with beige furniture, white walls, beige carpets or white linoleum floors, and basic items and appliances. Sounds like a pretty […]