Twitter Marketing: Using Twitter to Market Your Business

Twitter Marketing: The Wave of the Future, Huh? Twitter is a network for the dissemination of news, conversation and information gathering. No other network on the planet features immediate updates provided by ordinary citizens who experience the news. There are several “personal update” networks similar to Twitter, but none offer the same speed and convenience. Using it for marketing, on […]

Gift plants for annoying neighbors

Among gardeners, there is a dark joke about which plants make the best gifts for annoying neighbors and annoying acquaintances. Although I have yet to play this game, I have been tempted. Topping the gift list are plants with a frenzied metabolism, affectionately known as “the flowers of discontent.” They are seemingly innocuous as a morning glory, as humble as […]

The effect of digital technology in the music industry

Today, teens are constantly surrounded by technology, even if the younger generation does not see it, technology has had an impact on the world at large. The widespread use of digital technology in the music industry has enabled consumers to play digital versions of copyrighted songs cheaply with the help of many software programs and websites. The growth of music […]

Genealogy Researchers Revolutionize Their Ancestors’ Search Engines on Genealogy Day, March 9

“Names are an important key to what a society values. Anthropologists recognize that naming is ‘one of the main methods of imposing order on perception.’ ~ David S. Slawson I hope everyone enjoyed Celebrate Your Name Week (CYNW) during the week of March 3-9. It was an entire week of homage to anthroponomastics (the study of personal names), and each […]