How to Give Dog Medicine by Mouth

Dog Medicine by Mouth When giving dog medicine by mouth, it’s important to keep your dog calm and still. Hold your dog’s head in one hand while your thumb and index finger are on the other. Gently open your dog’s mouth and fold its upper lip over the top of its teeth. Then, squeeze the dropper or push down the […]

Would a 2 gallon air compressor meet your requirements?

The 2 gallon air compressor has become the most popular size for most general household applications as they are almost always small, fairly light and easy to transport, yet still generate enough pressure to be useful. In the world of air compressors, bigger generally means more powerful, which is why these little 2-gallon air compressors are the smallest compressors available […]

Buying a parrot as a pet: how to find a parrot breeder and what to ask them

We have been successfully breeding and raising parrots for over 20 years. During this time we have seen and experienced many changes and improvements. Not only in technology and wellness, but also in understanding having parrots as pets. This includes all species of parrots, including macaws, cockatoos, African gray and timneh parrots, Amazonian parrots, pionus parrots, and parakeets. These wonderful […]

Puggle Puppies – How To Prevent Them From Digging

Puggle puppies are so cute, and getting a new pup is very exciting, but digging can be a threat! Unfortunately, digging comes along with puggle territory, especially when they are in the puppy stage. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to prevent this destructive behavior. One of the most important keys is keeping […]

Sound money and deflation

With the huge advances in industrial productivity during the 20th century, shouldn’t a penny now buy me at least 10 Snickers bars instead of nothing? A great question, considering that the world population multiplied by 4.2 between 1900 and 2010, the annual copper mining production increased 30 times in the same period of time, and the industrial / agricultural mass […]

How to deal with the Border Collie’s whining

Border collies don’t make many different sounds, but they all mean something. If your dog is whining then he must need something, whining to get attention or because he misses you or some other pet that maybe died or ran away from home. Dog owners consider whining to be a major problem. This is mainly because stopping it is one […]

Puggles history

Puggles are a relatively new breed and whenever you are looking for Puggle puppies for sale, you will likely find something different each time. Although this breed of dog has only been around for a little over ten years, not much is known about the first Puggle that was created or where it was raised. There were probably some Puggles […]

Three reasons why baby squirrels die in captivity

Have you ever taken in a baby squirrel and started feeding and caring for it, then physically going downhill and dying? You’re not alone! The following are three common reasons why baby squirrels die in captivity: 1. The wrong diet. An improper diet is the number one reason squirrels die. There is much controversy over what is the correct formula […]