Oh Yorkies! Common Yorkie Health Disorders

Yorkies are susceptible to a number of disorders that any serious buyer should consider. Although many Yorkies with disorders live long and healthy lives, some can be expensive. It is better to be fully aware of the main disorders of the breed. Hypoglycemia is common among small breed puppies. It is one of the most disturbing for new owners. Sometimes […]

Breeds Notorious for Home Training Issues

Various breeds of dogs are commonly known to be difficult to train. The explanation for house training problems often depends on the breed you have chosen. Hounds, both sight and smell, are distracted in the blink of an eye. They either see or smell something, and the main reason for being outside turns from an elimination mission to a hunt. […]

The pet monkey ad

No ten-year-old boy in the late 1950s collected more comics than Ronny Chimp. The truth is, when he bought a comic with his allowance money, Ronny had little interest in comic book stories. I just wanted to find the advertising section that was showing a lot of ads selling pranks, pranks, and magic tricks. Ronny owned almost everyone and pranked […]

Aggressive behavior in American Bulldogs

Aggression in dogs is the result of many causes. There may be a trigger that can trigger aggression, for example if your dog was attacked or felt threatened as a puppy and this was not resolved properly, or it could be that your dog has dominance issues. Aggression in dogs, especially bulldogs, must be addressed promptly and effectively, whatever the […]

Hunting animals for their own good

That status quo stems from a policy adopted in 2001, when the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), the institution charged with ensuring the safety and preservation of the country’s wildlife, devised an ingenious technique to halt the decline in numbers. of the animal population, by reducing illegal and indiscriminate hunting. In the absence of restrictive measures, locals had previously dealt with […]

Extra Large Dog Houses for a Saint Bernard

The Swiss Alpine rescue working dog also had jobs in the security, herding and hunting industries. Very versatile for a dog that is an extra large breed, the Saint Bernard measures approximately 28 inches at the shoulder and an adult male can weigh 160 to 250 pounds. Therefore, the breed has not only been famous throughout history for their ability […]

Rabbit meat production

The increase in the world’s human population and the global recession will inevitably increase the demand for food, including meat, as well as for employment. Great hope is placed on the agricultural sector, which is responsible for the food supply and absorbs employment in rural areas. The slow reproduction rate of ruminant animals and the threat of avian influenza in […]

How to measure delivery efficiency

In a world of Internet communications, e-commerce, and transportation accessibility, delivering goods, packages, and other supplies has never been easier, faster, and more efficient. From tulips to chocolate cakes to letters to Chihuahuas, it is now more possible to send almost anything in a short period of time. But with all these advances all around us, how do companies measure […]