Thyroid health and weight gain

Many women have read or been told that their unexpected weight gain may have something to do with the health of their thyroid. This is not always the case, but it is certainly a possible factor. Our thyroid gland is one of the main key players in how our body regulates our metabolism and how it uses nutrients from the […]

4 restaurants in Melbourne you must try

Melbourne is South Australia’s chic city for foodies. A destination rich in local and international chefs, who form one of the most vibrant gastronomic scenes on the planet. We’ve narrowed it down to four places to visit if it’s an experience you need, rather than just a meal. 1. Chef Jacques Raymond’s Cuisine of Temps Jacques Raymond owns this eatery […]

Why choose a Chinese medicine candida remedy?

Often, a Chinese medicine candida diagnosis will only be made after the doctor has considered all of your symptoms. In Chinese medicine, the general well-being of the body is considered in the diagnosis, with an attempt to bring the body back into balance. Normally, strains of Candida (yeast) found in the body inhabit a person’s digestive tract, from the mouth […]