Tips for Parents to Help a Teen Avoid Depression

Susan’s 13-year-old son Joe was rushed to the emergency department after being found unconscious in his bedroom with a cut wrist. The handsome young teenager did not tell anyone that he was battling chronic depression as a result of his obesity and short stature. Like Joe, there are many teenagers in the United States who succumb to depression, nearly 5,000 […]

Petroleum Production Software: How Petroleum Production Software Eliminates Human Error

Chalk it up to the listless well bidder, lousy oil production software, or overworked manager; however, when wells do not produce at their maximum production level, you lose. According to the Oklahoma Marginal Well Commission, the typical well produces 2.3 barrels of oil per day. Now, for simplicity, let’s say that every well your business has developed is a “marginally […]

Drawing model: a fun precursor to writing for young children

Children in kindergarten, and sometimes even preschool, are expected to learn how to spell the letters of the alphabet correctly. However, often these young children have not developed enough fine motor skills to enable them to be successful in forming the required letter shapes. Many articles have been written to address the technical aspects of early writing and/or pre-writing skills, […]

5 Warning Signs You Bought The Wrong Sofa

Sofas make people very happy, or you curse them every time you see them in your living room. Who knew that this 300 pound wad of wood, stuffing, springs, stuffing, batting, and fabric could be the stuff dreams are made of, or the bane of your existence? Here are 5 warning signs that you bought the wrong sofa. #1) It […]

Do you have bees?

Doesn’t it always seem like you don’t know what you have until you lose it? —- Joni Mitchell Our relationship with honey bees is changing. We have realized that we need bees, not just for the miracle of honey, but as essential pollinators of our food system. While we may be aware that bees pollinate the plants in our food […]

How to get perfect celebrity abs

Most of the people would like to have sexy abs like most of the celebrities they see on their TV. I know you must have seen 50CENT, LL COOL J, USHER and many more that I can’t mention here and you’ll notice that those six packs didn’t just arrive by magic. Well, if you like to know that the so-called […]

The origin of Christmas carols

The tradition of Christmas carols has been around for a long time. It is a tradition that many people love, both young and old. It’s a way to spread the holiday spirit without spending a lot of money. It’s also a way to lift the spirits of those who can’t get out during the holiday season, such as those confined […]