Character education that excites young children!

Character education in many elementary schools bores children. It affects them the same way the freshman story affected me and my college friends. We promised that no one could make history more boring than our teacher. On special occasions, however, the professor changed gears. He employed a teaching method that turned bland into exciting in an instant. That same method […]

Six Kinds of Human Values

Human beings need different things to live in this world. However, nothing in this world is available for free. Everything has a price and one has to pay the right price to satisfy one’s needs. However, we value things based on our needs, and needs depend on the basis of our value system. First, there are basic needs like food, […]

The pros and cons of teen pregnancy

Teenagers are becoming more sexually active these days. This increases the risk of contracting STDs and also of unwanted pregnancies. Some teens are aware of the consequences of having unprotected sex and others are not. Then there are those who want to have a baby and those who don’t but end up getting pregnant anyway. Teenage pregnancies are wanted or […]

Review of Teaching with the Brain in Mind by Eric Jensen

Author Eric collaborates heavily in his thinking with Howard Gardner and emphasizes how we as educators must understand how the brain works in order to teach our students most effectively. Eric addresses how proper nutrition for the brain plays an important role in peak brain performance. He stresses that the school educate parents on proper nutrition and states that the […]

10 Bible Character Riddles for Preschoolers

Preschoolers love guessing games! One of the best ways to introduce them to the idea of ​​guessing is by telling them some riddles. Here are 10 Bible riddles to get you started. Each one points to a Bible character that many of your little ones might already be familiar with. However, to ensure that your preschoolers are successful in coming […]

Organize your bathroom in 8 easy steps

The most hated room in our houses to clean or declutter is the bathroom. Once you have some ideas of what you need to do and a plan, it really isn’t that hard to do and it shouldn’t take that long either. In most households, the mere mention of cleaning the bathroom is considered the most dreaded task in any […]