A little fun with old-fashioned hat terms – Part Two – Renaissance Europe to 1799

Some obscure and unusual words come to light when reviewing the history of hats and headdresses. Having recently finished reading THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN (by Simon Winchester, HarperCollins 1998) on the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary, I thought it would be fun to explore the definitions and etymology of some of these old terms, most of which have […]

The growth of people-powered news and breaking news internet websites

There have been similar websites/concepts, but these were based on older technologies, usually mobile phone using MMS, they were never able to provide the comprehensive service that newer technology internet news sites now offer. mobile phone technology While mobile phones have been successful in delivering news and images, for example the Tsunami in Thailand, the mobile phone network is often […]

How to Add a YouTube Transcript File to Your Video

YouTube subtitles YouTube has an automatic subtitle/transcript generator that uses Google’s speech-to-text algorithm. Its main goal is accessibility, to help people who are hearing impaired or speak another language find out what your video is about. It is also used for search engine indexing and thus can help with your SEO. Unfortunately, the software’s ability to automatically generate a meaningful […]

Sports Data – Women’s Volleyball

Did you know… London will host the 2012 Olympic Volleyball Tournament. A maximum of 12 teams will participate in the event. The United Kingdom and Brazil – 2008 Olympic gold medalists – have qualified for the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Interestingly, Great Britain has never competed in Qualifiers, World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Games. Great Britain did not qualify […]

Christian Dating Relationship: 4 Foolproof Steps to a Fulfilled Christian Dating

Christian dating relationship should not be seen as boring because it is not. Although there are restrictions as each young Christian is expected to remain pure and unblemished until marriage, that does not mean that the entire Christian relationship is boring. In fact, it’s exciting. Almost everything else remains except the issues of sex. There is usually a profession that […]