One is not the loneliest number

The month of July has never been so hot. Usually the heat reaches us later in the month or even into August. But lately, as soon as the sun peeks over the horizon, I’m reminded of the colossal heat that’s about to greet me. With summer about to come out of his shell, the talk of the town was sure […]

Promote events like an MLM Rockstar

What is an event? To be successful in network marketing, you must master how to promote events. Most people underestimate the power of events and their businesses suffer as a result. To understand the importance of events, you must know what I consider an event. An event is any type of conference call, presentation, training, webinar, or representative meeting that […]

Grits and Sweat V – A series of baroque philosophical papers based on objective observations

Not to repeat myself, but to extend myself to you; here is the full quote of Paul Simon’s version of “Sound Of Silence” from the 1991 recording “Concert In The Park” to make my point: (Vamp Instrumental In…) “Hello darkness my old friend… …’I come to talk to you again… Because of the visions that gently creep… I left his […]

The best gifts for babies

It’s a good day to gather friends and that mom-to-be. Baby showers are absolutely fun, especially when the presents come out. Many times we visualize what would be good for the baby when he goes out: from the child’s room to the toys, passing through the clothes. However, really thinking about what to give is a tricky situation. Let’s face […]

Reviewed: Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)

PG – 90mins – Animation/Action/Adventure – June 10, 2011 Po (Jack Black) returns in another kung fu animated adventure as our ever-hungry panda faces a devastating new threat in the form of the enraged albino peacock (Gary Oldman) Lord Shen. Having been kicked out by his parents years before for his atrocities, Shen has been waiting for his time to […]