Two recommended hospitals in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, officially known as Frankfurt am Main, is the second largest metropolitan area in the country of Germany. Frankfurt is a world-renowned center for commerce, transport, finance, education, culture and tourism. It is considered the second most expensive city in Germany and one of the 10 most livable cities in the world. This city is very multicultural since 30% of […]

Clean versus dirty carbs for weight loss

Lately, the “is a carbohydrate to a carbohydrate” debate has come up frequently. In the past, it was the “is a calorie a calorie” debate that people were always fighting over. Personally, I find the carbs vs. The carbohydrate debate is more fascinating. There is something about carbohydrates that makes it really fun to talk about them. So what is […]

Hear from your essential silent partner

Your Essential Silent Companion (ESP) refers to the quantum realm of reality. It is the infinite field of energy that includes and goes beyond the limits of physical existence. In the quantum dimension, there are no limitations or boundaries to what is possible. At this level of reality, you have unrestricted access to whatever resources you need. However, humanity has […]

Buddha’s point of view on OBP

Baseball may be the most important sport in which if you are not mentally in the game, you can also sit on the bench. Since over the years, statistics have been developed and players can be judged on paper, many ignore it, while others want to check and see if they are producing good numbers beyond the average and home […]

Rich boy and poor boy

After his regular workouts with his personal gym trainer, Daniel took a quick shower and put on his white pants, white T-shirt, and comfortable brown house slippers. He ordered his butler with whom he passed through his yard to call a masseur. “I need a masseur for home service, before 12 noon.” Daniel walked quickly when he saw Sarah in […]

The 10 best works of Anais Nin

A controversial author of her day whose work was largely ignored at the time of publication, Anais Nin gained wide acceptance and acclaim in the 1960s when she gained acceptance as one of the most prolific female writers who had ever dared to venture. in the elusive genre of female eroticism. Nin’s work mainly included her diaries that tell of […]