How to list a house FSBO

Did you know that today only a third of all home buyers use a real estate agent? Did you know that a seller can use MLS listings on their own, without an agent? In today’s real estate market these are absolute facts! It’s now much easier and more profitable to sell your home as a “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) […]

NBA Full Court Report 05/12/06

There’s a six-game package on the NBA card for Tuesday night. One month into the NBA season and injuries start to play a big part in the team’s performances. Below is a look at all six matchups tonight, including three games with key injury concerns. PORTLAND at DETROIT (-10, 193½) The Pistons had their 8-0 SU (6-2 ATS) streak snapped […]

Western Painting – The Movement in Western Art – Lyrical Abstraction

History Lyrical Abstraction refers to the postwar modernist term, often used interchangeably with Art Informal and Abstract Expressionism that grew in Europe, precisely in France, in 1945 and lasted until the end of 1957. In 1946, a French art critic, Charles Estienne , formally coined the term ‘lyrical abstraction’. In America, this Abstraction was a movement described by Larry Aldrich […]

Pure Clay Dutch Oven – Pros and Cons

A pure clay dutch oven is a great piece of cookware and a very useful one. It consists of a pot with a lid, both made of primary unglazed clay (or pure clay). It is quite popular probably because it is versatile and can cook a variety of dishes. Let’s find out the pros and cons of this exceptionally healthy […]

Expert tips for success in digital marketing

Here are some expert tips for successful digital marketing: 1. Adopt a data-driven strategy: In recent times, there has been a growing trend of organizations consciously working with data-driven business strategies. These strategies can be considered as one of the evolutionary steps in the history of marketing. The data collected can be used to organize and achieve business goals. Also, […]

Make your goals a habit

When we’re just starting out, it’s tempting to treat goal setting as an all-or-nothing mentality, where the goal of standing out, establishing a great reputation, and being recognized as successful are the daily focuses of our lives. Over time, we may come to realize that big goals are, in many ways, like onions, with multiple layers contributing to the finished […]