Buying a business? Think about due diligence

Congratulations. You have just decided to buy a company, merge with another company, or invest in someone else’s company. Exciting, right? You’ve probably been busy learning the business, talking to the salesperson about the operation, conducting market research, and planning how you can run it better than the previous owner. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a small cell phone […]

How to get an internship at a translation company

With thousands of people graduating from universities, colleges, and other educational institutions, without solid work experience, you may find yourself in an emergency situation – no one wants to hire you without experience, but how do you get the experience if no one wants to hire? you? Working as an intern will often give you the great advantage of experiencing […]

Characteristics of depreciation, basic factors for determining depreciation

Depreciation characteristics Depreciation has the following characteristics: (1) Depreciation is charged only for fixed assets, for example buildings, plant and machinery, furniture, etc. There is no question of depreciation in the case of current assets, such as shares, debtors, invoices receivable, etc. (2) Depreciation causes a perpetual, gradual and continuous fall in the value of the asset. (3) Depreciation occurs […]

File Integrity Monitoring: Why Change Management is the Best Security Measure You Can Implement

Introduction With the growing awareness that cyber security is an urgent priority for any business, there is a ready market for intelligent and automated security defenses. The silver bullet against malware and data theft is still unfolding (I promise!) But in the meantime there are hordes of vendors who will sell you the best alternative. The problem is, who do […]