Dental Marketing and Social Networks

Why is it so important for any type of business to have a presence on social networks? The answer to that is simple; you have to be where your customer is. For dental marketing, you need to be where your patients are. To succeed in a very competitive industry, one must employ every means possible just to gain a competitive […]

Front Doors: The Essential Guide

The front gate, the entrance to your property and home, we often think of as a necessary accessory of our entrance, a humble continuation of the wall or garden fence and simply a point of access and exit. We forget that they can enhance the visual appeal of a property by adding style and charm. The door is often the […]

HTML to Magento

Among a number of free open source PHP-based e-commerce software available, namely Zen Cart, osCommerce, and Interchange, Magento is the most widely used content management system, due to its numerous features and simple interface. Being a CMS, new pages can be easily added to the website. The complete look of the website can be changed with the help of Magento […]

Introduction to SEO: What is SEO?

Tough question, “What is SEO?”. As with almost all Internet-related terms, concepts, and notions, “SEO” does not have a single definition and is a fuzzy concept in most people’s minds. Still, what is SEO? Since there is no definitive and completely understandable definition for “SEO”, the only way to go about it is to take a look at several definitions […]

Kinetic Typography Videos

Kinetic Typography (KT) videos are commonplace today, as the technique is often used in filmmaking. Combining text and motion, kinetic typography videos could be a hit on their own and not necessarily included in other movies. Also, being engaging and engaging, kinetic (meaning motion) typography (meaning text) videos could be extremely helpful in marketing a product, service, or website. If […]