Top 10 Reasons Why A Player Doesn’t Register And Use Their Free Casino Player Card

Understanding why a player doesn’t register and use their card, even after receiving their initial card, is key to understanding your player base, the perception of your loyalty programs and how your frontline staff communicate the benefits (or the lack thereof).

Having traveled to hundreds of casinos across the country, whether as a consultant, mystery shopper or player, I have maintained a database of why players don’t use a player card. I will continue to update the list and someday even break it down by gaming jurisdiction and casino type (local, resort, tribal).

10. The deals are not worth it, all I got was a free cup of coffee.

How guilty are you for not communicating the benefits of your club? Are you also guilty of “provoking” someone into signing up and then forgetting about it? This happens far too often, where the best offer a player received was either the initial $5 in Free Play or the disposable camera with the logo. Then after spending their “bank” you never contact the new player again. Yes, we understand why there is too much emphasis on new player acquisition and not enough budget on existing player development or the player simply didn’t play enough on their first trip. Hmm, good enough to cover labor costs, shell out a freebie, maybe a coupon book, but not good enough to put a stamp on a letter and say “Hey, thanks for joining… like reminder, here are the benefits. …”

9. The lines are too long.

Wow, talk about a double edged sword. You cannot get new records because the line for new records is too long. Actually? It’s like Yogi Berra’s famous line: “Nobody goes there anymore…it’s too crowded.” When was the last time you looked at the confusing waiting area? How many potential new signups are waiting in line for coupon redemption or ticket delivery? How many VIPs are being served by how many club members and the long list of new sign ups is being served by the newest, greenest member of staff? Exactly how much quality time can you spend with each new affiliate? Take another look at number 10, you may have detected a trend.

8. I don’t want my personal information disclosed, I don’t want to be tracked.

The player is the number one reason your casino stays in business, how can anyone in this day and age think that they will give their information to anyone (Elvis sightings notwithstanding)? The player database is the “holy grail” of all that is right with gaming. You’re better protected than executive compensation packages… Let them know this. Actually, this statement loosely translates, “I don’t want my wife/husband to know how much I play.” Explain how you can add them to the “do not mail, call or email” list and creatively come up with a system for manually collecting their rewards.

Being tracked is what club benefits are all about. It’s the number one reason to become a FREE member! It’s like the F&B director accepting the excuse “I don’t eat at the buffet because I don’t like making decisions.” Communicate the value of reinvesting in your game, re-emphasize the fact that not everyone wins on every trip, but your build points, gifts and perks make up for those dreadful days. Having a tracking system is the only way a player can request a win/loss statement for their taxes.

7. I will receive a better offer in six months.

Actually, this happens more often than you thought as it is the 7th main reason. What your player says is straightforward: “I signed up, didn’t get much, played a little, then when I stopped using my card, they sent me a better offer in the mail (again) to come back and enjoy a FREE buffet.” , a discounted room, or even tickets to shows.” Go back to reason number 10, I think we definitely spotted a trend. I find this amazing because most jurisdictions will just archive old accounts, not delete them. Where are the old accounts? checks and balances of duplicate player registrations?Although I’ll admit, it’s fun to hear scammers broadcast a triumphant boast about how they duped “The Establishment.”Okay, maybe not.

6. I lost it/forgot it.

Having to have lost their card or forgetting to bring their card implies that they must have had a card at some time. Most likely not, nothing, no way. They are too restless to say “No thanks.” Ever wonder why they don’t give you your name so you can reprint another card or give them your license (which, “Wow, he must have left that in the room, too”). They could easily be placed in any other excuse category on this list.

5. I only play tables.

We’ve all heard it many times: “We don’t have a table tracking system, it’s too hard to keep track of players consistently.” Again, loosely translated, the pit supervisor did not manually grade or enter the players grade card into the system. Because? It could be a number of reasons, but it’s no excuse. Rank your table player’s offers and rewards against other table players; don’t compare them to slots players. Rule of thumb, you have to bet big to win big at the tables… big table action deserves big rewards, not slots freeplay and not just match play, though that’s a start. Don’t get me started on table hold percentages either, I’m just the messenger.

4. I don’t play enough.

This would actually be a valid excuse if a casino didn’t offer “Hot Seat Random” sweepstakes, discounted rooms, double/triple point days, and discounted dining simply for being a FREE member. Once again, are we really communicating the benefits? Our trend has become an epidemic.

3. The card never works or the card reader doesn’t work.

I’ve seen a salvo of gamblers having a blast on their slot machine only to wake up a few hours later to realize their card reader flashes: “Reinsert your card!” I’ve seen players do the card reinsertion dance and flip and rotate only to move on to another, less popular machine. And honestly, I have seen players try to insert another casino card. Happens. Sure, you can clean those card readers, offer to replace the card, walk around looking for non-functioning card readers, and help these people, but if a player has to change seats or play a less desirable game, your credibility is lost.

2. I see too many people using someone else’s card.

I have read about each disclaimer on the back of each player’s card. However, I see club centers time and time again issuing a card that does not go to infinity to a player, despite the fact that the field in the player tracking system indicates: Number of cards issued: 2,567,875. There is no red flag there. Although this happens quite often when rewards (entrance tickets) or status (room, food and drink) are based on this trip (TTO) alone, players usually only complain at local venues. In these places, players have better data on who was playing, when, where, and how much. Better get them off the field and give them the title of Director of Player Development.

And the number one reason why…

1. Superstitious: I can’t earn with it, I earn more without it.

This is the number one excuse in every gambling jurisdiction on the planet. You can’t argue with superstition. Heck games have been built around hunches, hunches, fate, and luck. But honestly, all the casinos do a great job of broadcasting their winners on top slots, the wall of fame, and even on their websites. Now we all know Las Vegas wasn’t built on winners, but when was the last time a marketing manager ran a PR campaign, “Play with your card, you’ll lose more than anyone else” or “Please don’t use your card, you will earn too much”.

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