The many uses of a scanner

One of the most useful inventions of the computer age is the scanner. Unlike a photocopier that simply makes a copy of an item, a scanner allows you to keep a digital image of just about anything that can fit on the scanner bed.

Here are some things you can do with a scanner.

Copy of documents – You can turn a nice flatbed scanner into a photocopier by scanning those receipts and other important documents and then use your printer to get a copy or just keep a digital copy. The great thing about it is that you can use document enhancement software if you need to remove a grease stain.

Other things a scanner can do is copy a quick recipe from Grandma’s old cookbook, or a page from a magazine showing instructions for a new home project you’ve been meaning to do. Perhaps there are some old documents in the family that you would like to have a copy of for yourself, those can be added to the computer files like any other document.

Scan photos to print – The photos are good, especially if you’re a professional photographer, but you could use the photos for websites to showcase your latest DIY project. Images can be used as desktop wallpaper or sent to friends and family via email. Because they are digitized, you can use computer software to edit them to create interesting images beyond the first.

Here’s something else you could do with a scanner and software. With the editing function, you can enlarge your projects on the computer screen and then print only that part. This allows you to make a full size pattern of anything you want, flip it around, and use it to trace the object onto the plywood. Once you’re done, cut out life-size reindeer, cows, vintage cars, you name it.

Sending documents by fax – You can fax a document that is already on your computer, but if that document is on one sheet of paper, you have a problem. A scanner can scan it and then you can send it using the fax driver. When you have long distance relatives and you find something in a magazine that they need to see, you put the magazine on the scanner and then from the computer send them the information.

loc – Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is used to convert images into readable text. Once converted, you can use a word processor to make any necessary changes. OCR software usually comes with the scanner.

There always seems to be a need to try to get a hard copy of some document or image in your computer files, and a scanner is the only way to do that. Having a good scanner could really enhance your home or office by allowing you to copy, organize, and save important files and photos on your computer.

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