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How to remove negative energy from your home

You know that feeling you get when you get to the end of winter and all you want to do is open up the place and air it out? Your home feels stuffy, heavy and stale after being closed for months and you know that good ventilation will lighten everything. Well, when you do that, you are clearing your home of negative energy. This article is about simple ways to eliminate stale and even negative energy, brightening your home and lifting your mood.

Even in the most positive homes, negative energy can build up. There are many ways that negative energy accumulates or is generated in your home. A housemate in a bad mood, traumatic story (of a person or of the house itself), even when interacting with others, going to a mall or working, can pick up trash in their energy field and take it home. Whatever the reasons, negative energy builds up over time and must be cleaned up.

The effects of negative energy

Negative energy is like a wet blanket at best. Lowers the mood in the house. Anyone suffering from depression is much more likely to experience the blues in a dirty home. If someone is prone to anxiety, it is much more difficult to remain calm where heavy energy prevails. Accidents, blinks and movements out of the corner of the eye, illnesses, are often indicators of negative energy. All of this can often be prevented simply by regularly cleaning your home energy.

To be clear, ‘Negative energy’ covers a diverse list of ‘junk’. The cleaning methods here are tools that anyone can use and they work well to remove basic “congested” or “heavy” energy. If you’re seeing dark movements out of the corner of your eye, for example, using these tools will usually make it clear. However, if you are experiencing more than that – banging sounds, appearance of entity (ghosts or any presence that makes you feel uncomfortable), unless you feel competent to do so, it is best to hire a professional to fix the problem for you. .

Compensation methods

There are countless ways to clean your home, here are some easy and effective methods that anyone can use.

  • Spring cleaning

– Cleaning your home, opening all doors, windows, cabinets and drawers, letting in sunlight and fresh air, and brushing off cobwebs is a very effective cleaning method. While you have everything open, take your broom and gently brush the walls, behind doors, in cabinets, etc. Heavy energy is palpable and therefore can often be removed by breaking it up with a broom. For a really good clean, take things out of wardrobes, clear out clutter (explosive energy loves to cling to things we cling to but no longer need – the two have a similar resonance). While all this is going on, put on live music, dance, and play games; all this generates light and is unbearable for negative energy.

  • Light work

– Put your hands together to create a closed cave and imagine your house in the cave. Now imagine that the angels are flooding the house with light, dissolving the mud. See how the light penetrates directly into the fibers of wood and other materials that the house is made of (carpet, metal, etc.) dissolving all the hidden accumulation of dirt and heavy energy. If you still feel like the house needs more cleaning, do the same, but with only one room at a time on your hands.

  • Smoke and noise

– Go to your local mystical supply store and pick up a sage wand. Have a small ceremony in which you set the intention to clear negative energy, restoring your home to Light. Once the sage wand is burning, dedicate the smoke to Divine Light (according to your beliefs). Then move through your home room by room, brushing the sage smoke around the walls, in the nooks and crannies, everywhere. You can also use a drum and bell to break up negative energy and then use smoke to remove it.

Before and after any cleaning work, be sure to clean your own energy with the same technique: for spring cleaning, take a shower, for light work, imagine yourself in the cave flooded with light and for the ‘smoke and noise ‘. – brush the sage smoke through your own energy field.

This topic is broad and diverse and can easily become a study of lives; however, the purpose of this article is to provide some simple versions of commonly used procedures for most people to use without extensive training. Remember, if you feel out of reach, then hire a professional shaman or energy surgeon (for example) to do the work for you. Many energy surgeons can work long distances and do not need to be present at home to complete the task (no matter how severe the problem has become). But for a simple and regular cleaning, most people are perfectly capable of doing the job themselves.

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