How no cash can’t stop you from building wealth in the knowledge age

The absence of cash in your pocket or in your bank account is not a sign of poverty. Not being able to pay your bills when they are due or pay off your credit card loans is not a true reflection of poverty. Rather, it is a significant indicator that you lack good and resourceful people in your life. The worst kind of poverty is the lack of people who can provide you with a stage to rule your world.

The battle of life is not always won by the one with the best skills, the most sophisticated weapons and the best experience in warfare. Sometimes the man who has people beats the other who has papers. Don’t make the mistake of having “human pepper” as people so that you don’t suffer pain in life.

Often times, friends can mislead you to create lifelong pain that will literally place you in hellfire while on earth. One thing is for sure; you can stay in hell or prison so long that you refuse to learn the necessary life lessons that come with it. It is possible to create poverty out of nothing through your attitude towards life in general. If you’re the type where the opinions of your friends dictate the pace at which your life moves, you’re vulnerable to life’s mishaps.

The opinions of your friends can never be the best for you any day. It is much better to have friends with rich minds loaded with useful ideas that will help you beat the poverty curve than to have “Human Pepper” around you as friends.

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