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Granite Scraps: Get Free Granite

Love the look and durability of granite but think you can’t afford it? You’re lucky!

Fortunately, measuring and cutting granite countertops for kitchen and bathroom installations is not an exact science. Granite remains remain in each installation job. Many of these granite pieces are small and end up in the trash. On the other hand, some granite slabs have huge remains. Many of these leftover granite pieces are large enough to create beautiful countertops for a small to medium sized kitchen.

Granite store or stone patio already sold this granite once. They already charged someone for the slab and made their money off the granite. That means they can sell it to you at a substantial discount. If you compare, you will find savings of 10% to 70% of the total price of granite. They can even give you some smaller chunks that are big enough for a bath for free.

There’s only one downside, but unless you’re incredibly picky, you won’t find it to be a problem.

The downside is that you have to choose which granite the stone patio has on hand. You will have to be flexible in what you are willing to install in your kitchen or bathroom. You can also be patient. The inventory of the stone yards of the remaining pieces can change from day to day if it is a busy store. Check back often and you can definitely find something that will look beautiful in your home.

Once you find a granite slab that is large enough and that you enjoy it, it can be finished like any other granite slab. You can cut it and shape it as you need. You can choose to cut a matching granite backsplash from the same piece. The stone patio can work granite like any other piece. It will polish the edges and seal it for you. No one will ever know that your granite was left over from another installation and that you bought it at a substantial discount.

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