Can I Request a Roommate in Glasgow Student Accommodation?

Request a Roommate in Glasgow Student Accommodation

Once you’ve secured a place at your university or college, it might feel like all that’s left to do is settle in and get ready for the fall. Sadly, that’s not the case: there’s still lots to do, including sussing out the local nightlife, preparing for your course and finding somewhere to live. Whether you’re looking for luxury Glasgow student accommodation or something a little more affordable, there are plenty of options in Glasgow. Here’s a guide to help you make the best choice for you.

Can I request a roommate in Glasgow student accommodation?

Most Glasgow student accommodation is dormitories rather than private apartments, and you can apply for a dorm after being accepted to your university. You’ll usually be given a list of available dorms and you can research them online so that you’re familiar with your choices before arriving in Scotland. You can also search private rental apartments in the area before arriving, but you’ll likely need to arrange temporary accommodations at a bed and breakfast or hostel until you find the perfect apartment.

There’s generally a deposit to pay, which is typically one month’s rent, but it will be returned to you at the end of your tenancy, provided that there are no unpaid bills or damages. When you’re paying a deposit, make sure to receive a receipt so that you have proof of payment. You should also transfer any deposits to a government-approved scheme, such as SafeDeposits Scotland, to ensure that your money is safe.

Can I Request a Roommate in Glasgow Student Accommodation?

If you’re going to be sharing a flat in Glasgow, it’s essential to meet your potential roommates ahead of time to see if they are the right fit for you. You’ll need to ask what their study and work habits are, how they spend their free time and if they enjoy socializing. If they have a Scottish accent, don’t be put off if you don’t understand them at first; the language is challenging for many people and you’ll quickly pick it up.

Student accommodation providers often establish partnerships with local businesses and services to enhance the living experience for students. These partnerships may include collaborations with nearby grocery stores, laundry facilities, transportation services, and entertainment venues. By offering convenient access to essential services, accommodation providers help students save time and effort, allowing them to focus more on their studies and personal growth.

There are a number of student letting agencies in Glasgow that can help you find a shared flat. Cairn Estate Agency has a wide range of properties in the city and asks students to fill out an application on their website for more information. Happy Lets is another letting agency in Glasgow that offers student-friendly flats. It was founded by University of Glasgow graduates and understands the needs of students in the city.

Unite Student was one of the first companies in the UK to focus on student accommodation and they own four Glasgow residences: Blackfriars, Thurso Street, Tramworks and Kelvin Court. They offer en-suite rooms in Glasgow for between PS119 and PS180 per week. Their tenants are guaranteed contents insurance, 24/7 security and Wi-Fi access as part of their rent. Another option is Student Roost, which has five Glasgow student residences: Buchanan View, Gibson Street, St Mungo’s, Dobbie’s Point and Merchant Studios. They offer a variety of en-suite and studio rooms for students.

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