A turnkey product launch email sequence

Product launch campaigns are extremely effective at building excitement and ultimately driving sales during your launch. New marketers and even veterans are often overwhelmed planning a launch, but this proven email sequence will help you succeed with your launch.

You can use this for a product you’ve built, or you can use this for a product you plan to build live. If you plan to teach live, you can adapt your product as you get feedback during launch. Even if you’ve already built the product, plan to record an additional session if you get feedback during launch; That way, you know your product is designed for exactly what your subscribers want.

Remember, once you’ve taught your class series live, you can turn the recordings into a product. Go back and edit your launch campaign to remove references to the live class, then put it in your autoresponder sequence to create an autopilot evergreen launch.

Here is the email sequence schema:

Presale Email #1: Pre-sale email

Title of this email “What are you struggling with?” and include a few sentences asking your prospect what they are struggling with in their niche. Something like “What is your biggest goal at XYZ? What are the 3 biggest things holding you back?” is a good question Invite your subscribers to click “reply” and they will let you know their thoughts. A personal response is a good idea to build rapport.

Presale Email #2: Here are the answers to yesterday’s questions…

Highlight some of the challenges you received yesterday (you’ll probably notice the same big ones cropped up in many of the responses) and give a brief suggestion for each.

Email #3: How would XYZ feel…

Ask your prospect how they would feel about achieving the results they will achieve when they review your product. For example: “How would it feel to know that you can walk your dog without having to worry about him pulling on the leash non-stop?” or “How would it feel to have a real, open conversation about what’s going on in your teen’s heart?” These questions spark your prospect’s imagination and make him hungry for that outcome.

Sales Email #1: Here’s my new XYZ training schedule (or class, etc.)

This is your primary launch email and can be a simple paragraph stating that you have launched your product or opened registration for your training program/class series. You can make the hyperlink to the product the same as the title of your sales page.

Sales Email #2: Questions and answers about (product name)

You’re likely to get questions about your new product, so you can answer the top 3 or 4 in this email. Open with “To everyone who bought (Product Name), congratulations. I got some questions about the new training (class, etc.):” and list the questions. Be sure to link to the sales page multiple times!

Sales Email #3: This is what you get with the new XYZ training program

List what your prospect gets in the program. Bullet points about the show are a good fit here—you can cut them out of your sales letter. You can swap sales emails #2 and #3 if it seems like a better fit for your sequence.

Sales Email #4: What are you going to miss?

Point out something they might miss out on if they don’t sign up for your training now. They may be bonuses, but it’s good to highlight some results that they won’t get.

Sales Email #5: Your last chance to enter this live show

If you’re teaching a live show, this email is very effective at getting the inexperienced to buy!

Sales Email #6: The training program was amazing, here’s what you missed:

Send this email the day after the first live session of your training program. In fact, you can send a recording of the first session along with a message to let them know if they want the next 5 weeks (or however many), they can sign up; inform them that this is the last chance they will have. slip under the table and enter.

Sales Email #7: Last chance to participate in live training with me

Send this “last call” email the day before you run the second session of your live training.

After this, go back and tailor the pre-sales and initial sales emails for the perennial product and include it in your campaign. Future customers will get the campaign and be able to buy the recordings from you.

Using this sequence builds excitement in your subscribers and results for your launch. Don’t let the launch sequence hold you back – outline your training and write your first pre-launch email today and you can use this sequence to guide the rest of your successful product launch.

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