Gain muscle and lose fat: improve the Zig-Zag method

The zig-zag diet is a fascinating concept that has many followers, the idea being that by alternating your calorie intake, you can create a calorie deficit without suppressing your metabolism. This is not effective for a couple of reasons. The reduction in metabolic rate usually follows a decrease in weight or activity level, which makes a lot of sense. A […]

Top 7 Mistakes Amateur Motivational Speakers Make

Motivational speakers have a gift for using words to paint incredible pictures of the possibilities of the future and make you want to take action. The best motivational speakers will wake you up, make you want to aspire to climb Mount Everest and dig tunnels to overcome gigantic obstacles. Such is the power of motivational speaking that the best organizations […]

Ringworm and treatment for Persian cats

Ringworm – What is it? First of all, ringworm is NO a worm is a fungus. Ringworm spores can travel long distances on air currents and can be brought into your home on your clothes/shoes and/or by your dogs and other pets; Basically, ringworm spores are everywhere in the environment; outside as inside our houses. Anyone who has (or has […]

Top Law Firm SEO Agency: Attorney Marketing Services

Top Law Firm SEO Agency Search engine optimization (SEO) is the science of getting certain pages of a law firm’s website to appear in search engine results pages. This is far more complex than other types of SEO. Attorneys need to rank highly in Google because only 9% of people go past the first SERP and only 0.44% make it […]

Tips for New Residential Construction

The batch titling process can take more than five years and is expensive. The cost of parcel maps for five or fewer lots is $100,000. Zone maps for more than five lots can cost more than $500,000. The number of lots and potential size are determined by biology, health department regulations, slope, and zoning and general plan. Included in the […]

funny team names

Thinking of a team name is about being yourself. Think of something and give it your own comic touch. Be unpredictable. The Gold Fish Bowlers for a bowling league is a perfect example and that just occurred to me. I was looking around the room, I saw the fish tank and the wala. The next part is getting creative. Don’t […]