Popular children’s songs and their origin

When we were children, we have always loved singing nursery rhymes in our preschool. But do you know when our favorite rhymes were first published and where they came from? Let’s know the origin of popular rhymes and when they were composed. Here we go around the mulberry bush “Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush” is one of children’s […]

How Retirement Can Affect Your Health

Retirement is like any other change in your life … it is better to consider it as a process, not as a one-time event. Like any other major change in your life, such as entering your teens or beginning your career, retiring brings both good and bad changes. While there has been a lot of research done on how your […]

Popular Cartoon Character Baby Shower Themes

Welcome back to childhood! A cartoon character baby shower theme will amuse everyone and create a very special feeling. Cartoons can bring back happy childhood memories and moments that all guests will enjoy. Using a certain character as the main theme of the baby shower is easier than selecting another. Decorations, tableware and activities have been created from animated films […]

Heal your mind and body

You can heal your mind and body by hugging yourself. Yes, you heard me correctly. Studies show that hugging cures everything from emotions to illness. It is also a fact that touching triggers healing in our body. A great example is that of premature babies in the hospital. Babies who are not touched regularly take longer to develop or may […]