How to protect your restaurant against power surges

Power surges due to local area load drop or lightning strikes are a reality for most people. The surge of a power surge that occurs when electricity passes through the electrical circuit can cause devastating results for businesses and restaurants. Restaurants are constantly dependent on electricity as it affects the number of customers they receive. If a restaurant is closed […]

Give your home an exotic look with the best design tools

Home renovation and remodeling is always a difficult task, as there are many areas that need to be considered. Whether you are going to remodel your living room, kitchen or bathroom, all these areas should be paid attention to separately. But, to carry out the remodeling to perfection, it is always necessary to have the help of professionals. The professionals […]

Flow and kitchen design

Let’s take a look at some common food preparation flow plans that you will discover within the kitchen. The most basic and desirable flow plan is the straight line, also known as assembly line flow. Materials are constantly moving from one procedure to another in a straight line. This type of style minimizes recoil; Saves prep time and confusion about […]

Restaurant Equipment Parts – PartsBBQ Trusted Online Store in USA

Parts BBQ is the leading supplier of restaurant equipment parts, foodservice parts and commercial kitchen equipment parts in the USA We offer only quality products We offer same day shipping through us We have the best manufacturers like Electolux, Hobart and hundreds of manufacturers to provide Qualitative Parts for Restaurant Equipment across the United States. We offer all kinds of […]

Kitchen makeover: facts to remember

The kitchen of a house is the central area that is always full of activity. In ancient times, the kitchen was the place where an open fire was kept alive from dawn to dusk, not only to cook meals for the family but also to keep warm in times of wet and cold weather. We live in ultra-modern times today, […]

Learn more about injections for low back pain

Coping with low back pain can be difficult for some patients. Sometimes pain is difficult to control, and pain relievers may not be the right solution. Depending on the facts of the case, doctors may use epidural steroid injections. In this post, we will discuss some of the aspects of such injections in detail. What is an epidural steroid injection? […]