How SEGA shot himself in the foot with Saturn

If you’re a gamer and have given more than a cursory glance at the industry news in recent years, you probably know how Microsoft screwed up the Xbox One launch well and truly. Be it arrogance, arrogance, or just plain stubbornness, someone in Microsoft really misjudged the marketing of the latest Xbox console, and the effects of that can still […]

Vegetarianism: is it really a big deal?

I have been a vegetarian since I was born, if I may say so, and so are thousands of people who were born into the Brahmin community like me. In Hinduism, we divide ourselves into different groups originally based on profession. Brahmins were typically the educated and expected to teach others and were also priests. As society evolved, Brahmins took […]

Online Aptitude Test for Class 10

Aptitude Test for Class 10 here are various online aptitude test for class 10 available. These can be accessed through internet from the convenience of your home. You will have to pay a minimal fee as registration fee and you will get your full results within a stipulated period of time. The results are sent to you via email. Online […]

Land Trusts: The Answer To Shift Short Selling?

Investing a property means liquidating a property for a price and immediately (in minutes, hours or a day) “flipping” or selling the property to another end buyer for a higher price. This is a great situation for an investor who is short on cash, as the investor usually does not even need to close with his own funds. In today’s […]

Marketing strategy for iPhone

As with all Apple marketing, the iPhone’s marketing strategy is very clear, simple, and smart. With the plain and simple apple icon, Apple focuses on the pure and innovative style of its products without all the “fluff.” The iPhone was launched by Apple in June 2007. The innovative style of the iPhone was touted for months before the initial launch […]

Honda Civic Hybrid review: the pros and cons

Are you worried about how high gas prices are affecting your budget? Is it important for you to take care of the environment? Want a reasonably priced car that looks good and is fun to drive? The 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid is the car for you. This hybrid vehicle uses a gasoline engine and an electric motor. This combination gives […]

Shaman, crystals and stones

In keeping with the shamanic belief that all things are alive, it is to be expected that crystals and stones are used in your shamanic healing processes. A crystal or a stone is a vibrant mass of atoms as are all substances. They form within the earth and have taken thousands of years to form. They can come from outer […]