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Why WordPress is the best blogging platform?

There is a famous quote about blogging that a blog is what websites wanted to be; regularly updated, contains content that is of interest to a particular audience, and is remarkably easy to update.

Well, whether you blog for journalistic purposes or your blog is simply an edited version of your personal story, you can’t escape the fact that WordPress is the best blogging platform.

Of course, there are numerous other blogging platforms out there that get the job done, but none can compare to the experience you get with a self-hosted WordPress blog: from the overall user interface, ease of posting content, and search engine optimization. , among many other benefits. down.

Unlimited themes and plugins

When running a blog, you may feel the need to change your theme to match the type of content posted.

For example, if you want to talk about flowers, a floral theme provides the exact layout your blog needs to create the perfect atmosphere for your reader.

WordPress gives you the freedom to choose from almost unlimited themes and plugins to make your blogging experience enjoyable and easily customizable.

SEO friendly

Blogging and SEO are inseparable. To be successful in blogging, there is no doubt that your blog must rank high in search engines.

This way you are sure to maintain a large audience, most of which will land on your blog from search engines like Google and Yahoo. If yours is a self-hosted WordPress blog, then an SEO-friendly experience is almost inevitable.

WordPress has a large number of recommended plugins for SEO. Some of them are premium, some are free. It all depends on your need and the level of SEO you need because each one can work to achieve different goals.

excellent technical support

This is particularly important for newbies who have no previous blogging experience. You don’t have to avoid installing WordPress on your site because it offers an excellent support system that will guide you step by step as you seek to develop your blog.

Even for those experienced enough, blogging is as dynamic as technology. New tools are constantly being developed to further enhance the WordPress experience and the excellent support available from the developers can come in handy.

Simplified monetization

Before monetizing a blog, it is essential that your blog earns trust and respect in the blogosphere. Your audience should be able to identify with him and consider him totally trustworthy.

Ad agencies have been known to turn away bloggers who use platforms like BlogSpot. However, there is no platform that makes your blog more trustworthy than having a self-hosted WordPress blog.

When it comes to monetizing your blog, ad agencies will readily accept a WordPress installation, hosted on your own domain, on their system. Also, most of the advertising agencies have released dedicated plugins for WordPress blogs, which makes it much easier to monetize your blog.

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