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What leads to the wisdom of the elders?

Wisdom comes from a variety of sources. It may come from experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Someone has said that an expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very limited field. However, as we all know, the smart thing to do is learn from OTHERS ‘mistakes so that you don’t have to make those mistakes yourself.

Or, if you’re like me, you can make mistakes in LOTS of fields, so you can’t claim the title of expert or learn things the easy way. Ah, the joy (and stubbornness) of youth! Whether you have made many mistakes in your youth or not, over time, you will have the luxury of reflecting not only on your own mistakes, but also on those you have seen made by those around you.

And instead of sitting in judgment, one can simply wonder if the outcome of the actions someone took led to the desired conclusion. Sometimes stocks do and sometimes they don’t. I have noticed that I learn a lot from people who show me what I DON’T want to be!

Wisdom is something of true value; We cannot put a price on it, and yet it is highly sought after.

As we get older, I think we become more thoughtful about who we are, and interestingly, even as we become more aware of our own flaws, we also become kinder to ourselves, more forgiving, and more accepting. And hopefully, as we learn to accept ourselves, we also learn to accept others.

So, be proud of your age, your wisdom, the lessons you have learned (either personally or by observing others), and share the gifts you have been given with others. But only if your wisdom is willingly requested and received. I don’t know about you, but I have found that I cannot “force” anyone to learn from my mistakes, even if I am trying to avoid pain and distress.

Who has taught you his wisdom around you and what lessons have you had to learn yourself? Have you become more self-aware, gentler, and cuddly with yourself as you get older, or are you more impatient and frustrated with your place in the world? How proud are you of how far you’ve come (regardless of age)?

I admit that I like to be guessed at a younger age than I am (vanity I guess!), But I sure wouldn’t give up on the lessons I’ve learned. For those, I am VERY grateful.

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