What breed of cat is right for me?

Cats are cats, right? Most cats look the same, but if you choose one for a pet, you should be aware that they come with a few variations.

The most obvious difference between cats is the length of their fur. Long-haired cats look very soft and cuddly, but if you don’t like brushing and bathing cats, you’ll end up with a bunch of shabby-looking mats.

Long-haired varieties like Persians are a lot of work and if you get an extremely pure breed, you need to be aware of hereditary issues. Sometimes they have difficulty breathing due to the shape of their faces. You will also need to spend hours grooming them.

If you like the look of long-haired cats but don’t want to spend as much time grooming them, you can get a medium-length coat of ca. Some mongrel cats have long hair in winter and short hair in summer. They shed long hair, so they only need to be brushed a lot during shedding seasons. Usually this is in the spring and fall.

Short-haired cats look more elegant and stylish. They are also easier to fix. You just have to give them a quick brush to catch any loose hair, before it ends up on your furniture.

The size and body types of cats can range from the graceful Orientals to the larger Maine Coons. Some of the long-haired breeds appear larger than they are due to all the hair.

Cats are generally distant from strangers, but there are variations in breeds with personality, as well as with size and hair type. Orientals tend to be quite demanding at times and can be disconcerting with their distinctive howl to anyone not used to their ways. They are also the most loyal and lovable cats, especially towards their owners.

Ragdolls are very calm and relaxed cats that will sit on your lap as long as you can bear them. They are true indoor cats that can be playful, but often lie on a lap.

The domestic shorthair cat is the most common type of cat. They are quite friendly, when they choose to be. They are intelligent and are usually quite active. They have very few health problems and are easy to fix. They are excellent companions and do not require much effort to care for them.

So when looking for a cat, you need to decide how long you have to care for its fur, which shape attracts you the most, and how long your cat will spend sleeping and playing with you.

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