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Short story – Trump saves the world – Global elite uses Noble Cosmologist award unable to speak

The Trump Administration was just re-elected on November 3, 2020 in what was another unexpected victory, this time the word slip did not seem appropriate, Trump nailed it, he only lost one state and two territories. Trump even won CA primarily because the Chinese had bought most of the major Hollywood studios and the once famous politically correct actors and actresses were lost and couldn’t find work, no one was listening to them anymore. The Chinese did not believe in political correctness only in reality, in their reality. China had renegotiated its trade deal with the US And with triangular trade with what was left of the economies of the EU nations, our trade deficits were well below $ 80 billion a year.

The global elitists and socialists left in the UN IPCC were all that was left of the socialist movement that had swept most of the world, a once powerful group that thought they had the world almost under their control. Still, they tried to blind the world’s population with science. Well, actually they had taken over science, they had sent humanity on a futile search using a gentleman who was long brain dead but kept alive in his wheelchair. They hooked up a speech synthesizer to interpret their drooling sounds, only the machine wasn’t interpreting, it was hooked up to an artificial intelligent computer to answer questions and give talks, interviews and lectures that fit the elite’s agenda.

The only reason people believed this half-dead scientist was due to his famous, yet completely unprovable theory of black holes and the big bang (whose faulty math was explained about a secret force, dark energy). It was brilliant because no one could prove it was right or wrong, and every time a scientist tried it he was ridiculed; in fact, this technique was working so well that they used it to silence critics of their atmospheric theory scam and their AI. instill fear.

No one outside the circle of global elitists knew about it, not even half of their friends at the Davos World Economic Forum, therefore no one could spill the beans on their sinister plan, and they thought they could run the table with a catastrophic story. change of atmospheric air. melting glaciers and possible control of human AI. Their lead scientist was brain dead, and they often cleaned up after themselves with undercover executions, but their voice synthesizer spilled new theories on everything, even the aliens who were coming to Earth to satisfy conspiracy theorists and divert them out of the way.

His goal was to make humans fear the weather, floods, mother nature, pollution, aliens, and the future of AI. Their plan was to make people so fearful of artificial intelligence that no one would build or allow anyone else to build an artificial intelligence system as robust as theirs until they had controlled the world. Their plan with the false atmospheric theory was to stop capitalism and industry, which could allow extra money to be funneled into whatever science they couldn’t control. With the help of the media, academia and the political apparatus in most countries, the plan seemed flawless.

The elitists, most of whom had an IQ over 180 due to selective breeding, cognitive enhancements and brain chips, used their evil genius and devised a plan to tax the most industrialized nations for their carbon credits. for contamination, in some cases $ 100 billion. all of which to use bogus geoengineering services for the non-existent problem, allowing them to claim success by doing nothing, so they can pocket the money. The elitists also got rich and poor nations to spend on alternative energy technologies, a market they controlled through years of mergers and acquisitions and playing the currency markets for extra money. If a nation can’t pay, it slows them down with interest money to control those nations and their debt-ridden leaders.

Whenever a major typhoon or weather anomaly struck, the elite propaganda team went to work scaring nations into contributing more money for geoengineering, flood insurance and ongoing funding that they used to grow their organization, lobby to governments and pay their expenses. bureaucratic mechanism.

Furthermore, they got nations to fund research to prove their nonsense theory was correct and then brainwashed all the promising scientists in academia, anyone who opposed them was immediately marginalized, maligned, discredited, and marginalized from the scientific community. . Anyone who was not up to the task to fully understand science turned them into social justice warriors and environmentalists on the planet, telling them they were doing important work, bigger than themselves. Then they had everything they needed, leaders, followers, and the conspiratorial crowd. Everything worked perfectly for the elitists.

Well, it worked until the Trump Administration found that all of the US intelligence agencies had been compromised. And a shadow government had been installed and ran the bureaucracy giving its boss, our president, a lip service. He started firing those who didn’t follow his instructions, and he did it on national television, using a tactic made famous by the reality show “Undercover Boss” and then Trump would come in and say; You are fired!

Trump was definitely draining all sides of the swamp now, even though the Washington Times accused him of “only draining the left side of the swamp”, and told the Times where to go, and that he was “only draining the left side of the swamp. swamp”. swamp first “- apparently the American people agreed with that, and re-elected him with record numbers.

When the NSA found her moles, they found out about the whole scheme and the tricks of the famous brain-dead scientists scheme. Trump was not in the least surprised by the intelligence report, in fact, he already knew. Everything fell apart after that, the global elitists were arrested and sent to participate in the first Mars Colony as they loved the technocratic control in the style of the communist czar. Space X got the contract for the one-way tickets and the world was saved.

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