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Retro bar stools for contemporary settings

Many pub and lounge owners will go for a retro look to bring back the classic style of 1950s dining rooms by outfitting the room with retro style bucket seat swivel chairs and swivel bar stools. However, with the right upholstery design and color, frame material, and configuration, you can easily use retro-style commercial seating in contemporary martini bars and chic lounges to create an atmosphere that is both traditional and modern. .

If contemporary style means anything today, it’s a mix and match of everything that has come before it. It’s rare that you find a completely new idea that doesn’t borrow an old idea and the same goes for commercial furniture and bar and lounge décor. New designs in commercial seating are not that prevalent as most venues get everything they need from restaurant chairs, bar stools, and booths. Where creativity comes in is selecting retro bar stools that fit in with contemporary bar tops and finding classic swivel restaurant chairs that will accent an ultra-chic martini lounge.

Not all settings allow for bold decorating ideas, but if your establishment is the kind of place where creativity and bold ideas are welcome, then you have the opportunity to be more daring with your choice of commercial seating. Now all those retro bar stools and bucket seat swivel chairs you thought could only work in a dining setting have a whole new appeal when it comes to sleek contemporary themes.

The advantage of retro style commercial seating is that quality never goes out of style. Made of sturdy metal, chrome and aluminum frames with durable vinyl upholstery and comfortable foam seat cushions, retro-style stools and chairs are some of the most pleasing furniture on the commercial market today. Unlike traditional hardwood furniture that only really suits certain bar and pub settings, retro stools and chairs can be used in many different settings, as long as the combination is right.

An upscale martini lounge or even an espresso bar is a great example of a contemporary setting that can accent its theme with retro bar stools. These sleek, stylish lounges appeal to a younger, hip crowd who dress in jeans and jackets and are more likely to text friends via iPhone than read a newspaper or magazine. Crowds like these will find the retro bar stools to be choice picks for the theme of the bar and will even use the stylish seats to start a conversation.

Contemporary cafes and specialty bars are also places that can use retro furniture and make it fit perfectly even with high-tech and futuristic decor. One of the great characteristics of the 1950s style is how advanced it was for its time and how it always had a cutting-edge quality, even when it was the standard. Today, polished chrome bar stools and vinyl upholstered bucket chairs are a perfect fit for video bars and venues for friends who want to watch their favorite TV show in a bar or for young entrepreneurs who prefer to do business in a fancy coffee shop that has more space to work

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