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Jeff Olson Review – The Truth About Jeff Olson From Prepaid Legal Services

Jeff Olson, Senior Marketing Associate at Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. and author of The Slight Edge, is one of the most respected individuals in the network marketing industry, as well as in the business world at large.

Mr. Olson’s story begins as a self-described “beach bum” in Daytona Beach. With no real goals or ambitions in life, Jeff spent much of his time surfing and lifting weights. After landing a job at the Orlando Country Club mowing lawns, Jeff began to wonder what was so different between him and the wealthy members of the club who didn’t seem to have a care in the world. These questions began to burn within Jeff’s consciousness and he began to search for a way to improve his position in life and to go beyond mowing the grass under the feet of privilege.

His transition began with a career at Texas Instruments, where he quickly rose through the ranks as a senior sales manager. He then ventured into the solar energy business as an entrepreneur, where he experienced significant success once again. Always hungry for more Jeff moved away from the solar panel industry and into the satellite television industry, where he built on his success in that field in the development of TPN, The People’s Network.

TPN was a network marketing company that grew into one of the largest personal development training companies in the country. During his time at the helm of TPN, Jeff worked with New York’s best-selling authors and legendary personal development figures such as Les Brown, Nido Qubein, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Alessandro, and many others. TPN eventually merged with Prepaid Legal Services, an Ada, Oklahoma-based network marketing company that markets prepaid legal services.

Jeff Olson’s success and dedication to helping people from all walks of life make significant improvements in their financial well-being is well documented. Currently serving as a Senior Marketing Associate for Prepaid Legal Services, Jeff’s vision, work ethic and experience are a definite asset to that organization.

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