Identify Inner Knee Pain and Treat It Correctly

What is the inner part of the knee and its injury?
Medial or Inner Knee refers to the part of the knee that is closest to its contemporary, that is, the same part of the other knee. A series of injuries over time or different health conditions can contribute to internal knee pain.

What are some of the causes of internal knee pain?
The knee is not a simple structure with only one hinge joint working, but involves various tissues, ligaments and tendons for a single movement. Many things can go wrong, some of which are:
• Bursitis
Bursa is a small fluid-filled sac that prevents bones, muscles, and tendons from rubbing together. Inflammation of this tissue causes bursitis.
Particularly when inflammation of the pes anserina bursa occurs due to acute injury or overuse of the joint, it adds to internal knee pain.
• Injury
Sports, exercises can often cause injury, which puts pressure on the knee joints and leads to knee pain. In addition to these two, accidents or traumas where a person falls to their knees unconsciously can lead to serious injuries and pain in the knees.
• Sprain or tear
A tear in the medial collateral ligament can add to internal knee pain. This can occur in injuries where excessive torsion of the ligament has occurred. A hard blow to the outside of the knee puts stress on the inside knee, usually causing immediate pain and swelling.
• Torn meniscus
Protective cartilage called the meniscus lines the knee joint, and a tear causes pain on the inside of the knee. This layer can also wear down over time and cause pain during any type of knee movement.
• Knee osteoarthritis
The degenerative condition where the protective cartilage wears away and makes the knees vulnerable is known as osteoarthritis. You may experience knee pain as the first thing after you wake up.
• Medial plica syndrome
Inflammation of the plica present below the knee is caused by this syndrome. This can happen after a person has a sudden increase in their activity level. Doctors may feel very tender when they touch the nodule on the inside of the knee.
Internal knee pain treatment
Home treatment can resolve or relieve problems caused by injury or inflammation. You can try:
• Resting the knee: If the injury is due to sports and is minor, try resting the knee and reducing the level of activity.
• Using an ice pack – This can significantly reduce pain and swelling. Try it 4-5 times a day for 15 minutes at a time.
• Anti-inflammatories: You can try a mild dose of over-the-counter anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen or aspirin, but only until you see your doctor, and then take only prescribed medications.
Never forget to go to a doctor’s office if you feel that the injury is quite high. They may recommend a brace, physical therapy, or whatever is most appropriate to treat internal knee pain.
There are many knee replacement surgeons in Indore that you can go to. With quality service, you can ensure no further harm comes to your knee health and get back to living your normal active life.

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