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Ideas to decorate the home bar

Having a bar in your home is a great way to create a social environment that will encourage friends and family to come over and enjoy each other’s company. Some people may find it a bit off putting to have a bar in their home, associating it with dirty taverns and the stigma of alcohol; however, a bar can manifest itself in many ways. You can have a juice bar, a soda bar, or even a regular bar, but tastefully done so that it adds elegance to the home rather than detracts from it in any way. Tasteful coasters, napkins, and placemats can also help add elegance to the setting.

There are many places in the home where you can install a bar. If you have a large kitchen, setting up such a spot will give people a place to sit and talk, converse with each other and with the chef while enjoying the savory smells of the space. A dining room is another appropriate place to install bar room features.

Another less expected location can be a base. One of the few requirements of a bar is that it must be located in a space where it is easy to clean up drips and spills. A carpeted living room can quickly turn into a messy bar. However, most bases have a concrete or stone floor, which is stain resistant and relatively easy to clean, making it the ideal location for your own personal tavern.

When creating the bar, the most important feature will be the top of the bar. You have many options here. You can buy a pre-made setup that will require little installation and will be relatively easy. You can also have a custom bar installed in the space. Both of these options can be quite expensive depending on how fancy you want to be.

There are also makeshift options available for those looking to keep their costs down. In a pinch, a buffet table covered with a good tablecloth and prepared with a good supply of drinks can be used. You can even build your own bar out of hardwood propped up on cinder blocks. You can remove the rough, unfinished look of this by staining the wood a nice color and adorning the blocks with Christmas lights, vines, or flower trails.

Once you have the bar in place, you want to make sure you stock it with a wide variety of delicious drinks. A mini fridge will also allow you to store cold drinks, such as juice and milk. The bottles can be placed at the end of the bar or placed on a table behind it. There are also display cases that can be purchased to organize your bottles.

Having a bar in your home is a wonderful luxury that can add a lot of value and enjoyment to your home. There are many venues that are appropriate for such a feature and, once installed, there are a variety of ways to decorate and enhance the venue using a variety of accessories and the drinks themselves.

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