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Husbands! Know how to give you devastating orgasms

Men want to have a satisfying sex life with their wives; Unfortunately, not all couples are lucky enough to have a great sex life. Making love is important in all marriages because it is a means for couples to connect physically and emotionally. It is important to satisfy your wife in bed to give her the pleasure she deserves. A husband may feel inadequate when he did not give him devastating orgasms, but it is important not to feel bad because there are ways to improve your sex life. While it can be frustrating to feel like your wife may be faking orgasms, it can also be challenging. So how do you satisfy your wife and give her devastating orgasms every time?

Get rid of your insecurities. The feeling of insecurity may stem from the fact that it is difficult for him to bring her to orgasm and, as a man, he felt inadequate. Insecurities can damage your confidence and without confidence, it can be very difficult to satisfy your wife sexually. Stop blaming yourself because most women find it difficult to orgasm during sex and there are women who are not lucky enough to experience orgasms at all. Instead of blaming yourself, consider it a challenge.

Stop putting too much pressure on yourself in the bedroom. Too much pressure can lead to poor bedroom performance. Why not just enjoy the intimate moments in the bedroom with your wife and stop worrying about her performance? The more you worry about it, the more you will end up doing the wrong things in the bedroom. Your wife may feel your stress from the pressure you are putting on yourself and it will also affect her level of intimacy and her performance in bed. Release yourself from any pressure if you want to give her devastating orgasms.

Communicate honestly with your spouse about sex. To create a satisfying sex life with your wife, it is imperative to communicate openly about sex. Share with your wife what you want in bed and what really turns you on. Openly share even your sexual fantasies. If you are honest enough to share your most intimate secrets with your wife, she will be forced to give the same honesty and even share her sexual fantasies. If both of you can communicate honestly and openly about sex, it would be easier to give her devastating orgasms in every sexual relationship.

Longer foreplay. Women need longer foreplay to prepare for orgasm. If you want to give her devastating orgasms, you need to stimulate her physically and mentally. Men have the wrong notion that just by doing oral sex and caressing their private parts they will achieve multiple orgasms. Women need more than physical stimulation, you also need to stimulate their mind. Foreplay not only engages her body but also her mind to get turned on and madly wanting to make love to you. You have to make her feel loved, admired, and desired. Make her feel like she is the sexiest woman and that she never stops turning you on.

Learn to last longer in bed. Most men ejaculate and reach orgasm faster than women. Women need 15 minutes or more to reach orgasm, while men can reach orgasm in 2-4 minutes. If you finish first before she can reach her own orgasm, chances are she will never have an orgasm. Learn to last longer and delay your ejaculation to wait for her to orgasm with you. Making love is more satisfying if both husband and wife can reach orgasm at the same time. It’s easier to give her devastating orgasms if you can last longer in bed.

While most women find it difficult to orgasm, your wife will not be part of the statistics that fake her orgasms if you know the techniques to give her devastating orgasms. For more information on female orgasms, visit Secrets of the Female Orgasm

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