There is a compelling influence of media owners on media practice: a personal opinion

To say that media owners have a compelling influence on media practice is an understatement. This is because the practice of the media throughout the world has been denied the necessary freedom even though the journalist has an absolute responsibility to his society, his country and his conscience. You have to make a choice between the interests and policies of […]

Sarbanes Oxley and internal audit

Companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange had to prepare an internal audit department by October 31 to ensure that new audit heads could assess the scope of their departments’ work, as well as how to comply with the new ones. Sarbanes Oxley laws. They had to hire new directors and have an audit plan ready due to the […]

Granite Scraps: Get Free Granite

Love the look and durability of granite but think you can’t afford it? You’re lucky! Fortunately, measuring and cutting granite countertops for kitchen and bathroom installations is not an exact science. Granite remains remain in each installation job. Many of these granite pieces are small and end up in the trash. On the other hand, some granite slabs have huge […]

What are auto auctions?

Auctions are set up so that people can bid a dollar amount for a given item and the person who bids the highest amount wins that item. There are several types of auctions including farm, farm, livestock, and even auto auctions. Many people have the misconception that only car dealers can attend car auctions. This is very untrue, as there […]

Improving your online video content

Countless studies and surveys seem to agree that the online video audience is generating large numbers and is unlikely to decline anytime soon. During the first month of 2011, more than 170 million US Internet users viewed an average of 14 1/2 hours of multimedia content online. Going even further, 66 percent of participants in a recent study indicated that […]

Get the most out of your new PlayStation console

Gaming has been taken to a whole new level with the game consoles available on the market. From just being able to play computer games on a very bulky old PC or console, the new PlayStations are definitely a worthwhile option if you’re an avid gamer who wants to take your gaming experience to the extreme. Playing games on a […]

Legal Internships: Top 5 Ways to Get a Legal Internship

Legal internships are the first step to a successful legal career. Theoretical knowledge is essential, but it should not be left behind in the practical application of the theory. The demand for legal professionals around the world has created a pseudo revolution around the world. More and more applicants join every second. You start your career in the legal world […]