One is not the loneliest number

The month of July has never been so hot. Usually the heat reaches us later in the month or even into August. But lately, as soon as the sun peeks over the horizon, I’m reminded of the colossal heat that’s about to greet me. With summer about to come out of his shell, the talk of the town was sure […]

My computer keeps freezing: RAM

You can tell when you could use more RAM if you open some programs on your computer only to find that with each click, they open slower and slower. “My computer freezes!” is the last thing you say before you punch the desk and walk away in a huff. What is RAM memory? RAM stands for “random access memory” and […]

Cash Advances for Merchants

It opens the doors to the financial world for many retailers. The merchant cash advance industry is growing at an amazing rate. This growth is because traditional banks are not meeting the needs of small businesses. This product is very unique. It’s a purchase of an asset, not a loan, so we have to use specific language consistent with purchasing […]

Popcorn machine repair

There are many things out there that break and then need to be fixed. Sometimes you are lucky enough to meet someone who knows exactly how to fix it or you know how to do it yourself. Then there are those things where you just need a professional to do it for you and even then you have to make […]

10 facts about quads that you did not know

Have you already ridden a quad? If so, you know how exciting it is to explore hidden trails on this stable dirt bike. You don’t need a lot of experience, but you still get all the satisfaction of reaching remote places in a very short time. Even if you are an experienced quad bike rider, here are some facts you […]

Tips for Parents to Help a Teen Avoid Depression

Susan’s 13-year-old son Joe was rushed to the emergency department after being found unconscious in his bedroom with a cut wrist. The handsome young teenager did not tell anyone that he was battling chronic depression as a result of his obesity and short stature. Like Joe, there are many teenagers in the United States who succumb to depression, nearly 5,000 […]

The role of fats in our life

Fats, along with proteins and carbohydrates, are one of the three nutrients used as a source of energy by the body. The energy produced by fats is 9 calories per gram. Protein and carbohydrates each provide 4 calories per gram. full fat; the sum of saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats. Intake of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats can help lower blood […]

Perfecting your admission essay

Competition for places in the best academic institutions is very strong and every year universities and colleges receive thousands of applications from candidates who have the best grades and very similar academic achievements. Admission essays offer students a real opportunity to stand out from the rest of the applicants and secure a place at the University of their dreams. For […]