African Gray Parrots – What You Need To Know Before You Run Out And Buy One!

Buying a parrot is a really big commitment, for how long they live and for the care they require. African gray parrots are one of the most popular parrot species, but they are definitely not the easiest to care for. This article briefly explains the pros and cons of owning an African Gray, to help you decide if it is the right pet parrot for you.

African gray parrots are truly beautiful looking birds, and they have the added benefit of being one of the easiest parrot species to train and care for. They originally hail from Central Africa and are well known for being extremely intelligent and learning very fast, especially when it comes to speaking.

They grow between 10 and 14 inches tall, making them only a medium-sized parrot. There are two types of African gray that you can choose from: the Timneh African gray and the Congo African gray. The Timneh is charcoal gray with a maroon tail, while the Congo is light gray with a red tail. In both types of gray parrots, it is not easy to distinguish the male from the female, because the color and markings are identical. The only hope you have of noticing a difference is if a male and female are next to each other, because the male is typically larger!

African gray parrots live up to sixty years, so you should consider this carefully before buying one – it could easily outlive you! Another thing to keep in mind is that their high level of intelligence means that boredom can become a major problem if they do not live in a stimulating environment, which involves a lot of human contact. If you are not prepared to provide this type of environment, you should no Buy an African gray, because boredom can quickly turn into all kinds of behavioral problems, like biting and plucking. On the other hand, if you are happy to meet the demands of caring for an African Gray, you couldn’t pick a better parrot (in my opinion)!

African Grays live in flocks in the wild, making them extremely sociable birds. This means that they have a need to belong to a herd, and their family can definitely meet this need! With that being said, they don’t particularly like being handled a lot, so they’re not the parrot for you if you want to get a lot of hands on with your pet. With training, they will land on your hand, but it doesn’t come naturally to them and will require a bit of patience on your part.

In conclusion, an African gray parrot is the right parrot for you if:

  • You like a bird with a great personality and human qualities.
  • You are willing to put in a lot of effort to keep them stimulated.

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