Does a hermit crab really make a good pet? The pros and cons

Hermit crab pets are considered exotic. By exotic we generally mean rare and not easy to find, but the fact is that although few people keep them as pets, they are available in large numbers. These crabs belong to the ‘Paguroidea’ family and are omnivorous or herbivorous, which means they will eat anything. There are also terrestrial and aquatic species. […]

fly with CO2

When I started flying model powered airplanes in the 1950’s we only had the ic engine generally available, articles appeared in the model press from time to time in the 1960’s about the use of CO2 engines, Unfortunately the ic engines had some drawbacks mainly in the fact that they were noisy, there were no mufflers for them in those […]

The importance of a well-written business plan in L1, E2 and EB5 visa matters

The United States government expects to see a well-written business plan in support of applications in both the E treaty visa category and the EB5 immigrant entrepreneur category. Additionally, USCIS often rejects a feasibility study request on L1 “New Office” petitions, which is something that is typically included in a well-written business plan. Therefore, it stands to reason that the […]

House Husbands: a role reversal

For centuries, we have been locked into the gender roles of men as provider and protector and women as homemaker and caretaker. But the 21st century has seen the beginning of role reversal within the family. Men are choosing to stay at home and become homemakers. The West, especially Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, has accepted this […]

Where do the calories in beer come from?

Anyone who loves beer knows the ongoing debate between low calories and good taste. Is it possible to have a low-calorie, great-tasting beer? And where exactly do the calories in beer come from? Beer is made up of four ingredients: water, barley, hops, and yeast. In some cases ingredients other than barley are used, such as rice, corn or wheat. […]