Autism treatment: Herxheimer reactions

When it comes to yeast or bacterial problems, we often hear about death reactions. In traditional medical terminology, this is what is known as the Herxheimer reaction. The term Herxheimer reaction was originally coined to describe reactions to treatment in those with syphilis. The term is also used in the Lyme community as the death of the parasite can also […]

Would a 2 gallon air compressor meet your requirements?

The 2 gallon air compressor has become the most popular size for most general household applications as they are almost always small, fairly light and easy to transport, yet still generate enough pressure to be useful. In the world of air compressors, bigger generally means more powerful, which is why these little 2-gallon air compressors are the smallest compressors available […]

The Eiro investigation is bankrupt and closing its doors: what do you do now?

Eiro Research has just announced that it is filing for bankruptcy and has officially ceased all operations. Eiro Research is a very popular multi-level marketing (MLM) business that started operations in 2009. It is a company that gained extreme momentum and very quickly became a multi-million dollar company. Less than two years later, they are closing their doors. Why did […]

Ferrari 348 Challenge sports cars / Serie Speciale

The Ferrari 348 Challenge – A close look at the performance, technical data, features, rival comparison, history, used prices of this classic sports car. from classic to modern The Ferrari 348 Challenge CAR Ferrari’s 348 Challenge sports car was a one-make racing series, first created in 1993 and aimed at amateur drivers. It was initially established in Europe and within […]

The power of content marketing

WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING? Content marketing is described as a strategic approach to marketing that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, consistent and relevant content to attract a certain refined audience to profit in the consumer market. Most of the leading brands hire people with content marketing courses to improve the brand of the product or service that is marketed […]

Homeopathic and Muscle Testing for Babies

As moms, we are always looking for safe, drug-free ways to keep our babies comfortable when they are sick. For our family, homeopathic remedies have been an effective answer. When I started studying individual homeopathic remedies, I was amazed at how many factors are taken into account when deciding which remedy to choose. Although babies communicate in their own way, […]

Kegel, PC muscles and overtraining

Like any other exercise, overtraining also applies to kegel. In fact, you’ll want to take extra precautions by gradually working through Kegel exercises, while working your skeletal muscles. Overtrained pelvic floor muscles can lead to temporary erectile dysfunction and temporary premature ejaculation, neither of which are fun. So start light and get plenty of rest. As time goes on, you […]