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10 reasons why you need to use video from Rollsteady Media. Yorkshire Industrial Video Production

The time for video marketing is finally here. We are at a stage where enough people are online, connections are fast enough, and the cost of production is affordable enough. This will get even better over time!

With its incredibly high ROI compared to almost all traditional marketing methods, video is, for most businesses these days, the go-to marketing tool. Anyone who has responsibility for the marketing of a company who has not considered and researched video for marketing cannot be seen as doing their job properly!


1. SEO – Rank better in Google search and increase your web traffic.

Google owns YouTube and is therefore biased towards the content there.

Part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers the amount of time visitors spend on your website.

By integrating an optimized video on your business website, you can engage your audience longer than with simple text and images. This means that you are 53 times more likely to appear on the main page of Google search results.

Today, websites filled with mountains of text and images rank lower in Google searches.

Customers typically take less than a minute to make a purchase decision. They don’t want to read all this to quickly understand a product. A well-made video can instantly engage them and get your selling points across quickly and effectively. They are much more likely to decide to buy and do so right away.

Aside from Google itself, it’s important to note that YouTube is now the second largest search engine. People would rather find a video to watch than have a lot of text to read. So while optimizing videos for SEO, this also helps them get to the top of the rankings on YouTube, the second largest search engine!

2. Video is more engaging

Traditional web content still has a place in digital marketing. But adding more and more unoriginal text and images is more likely to confuse the potential customer, they are less likely to read everything you need to tell them, and it slows down the loading time of the site.

As we’ve seen, videos are much more likely to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. A much better way to impart this information, as well as keeping your site tidy and easy to navigate.

We spend 1/3 of the time online watching it.

59% of executives and decision makers will opt for video instead of reading text.

While a blog post loses an average of 55% of readers in 15 seconds, a 90-second marketing video can retain 53% of viewers to the end!

When featured on your website’s landing page, video can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. As well as generating a 200-300% increase in click-through rates when used in marketing emails.

Videos also drive 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

When it comes to presentations and sales pitches, video is much more likely to engage and excite an audience than a live presentation made up of text, still images, and graphics.

Simply seeing the word “video” in the subject line of an email makes us 19% more likely to open it.

Simply put, more people are likely to see your product and its selling features when you use video to get your marketing message across.

3. Increased conversion rates

85% of people are more likely to buy a product once they have seen a video showing it.

By letting you see the number of views on each video, you can see what products or services potential customers are really interested in. You can see how many visitors to your site could be converted into actual customers. This is much more powerful than just counting what has been previously sold and allows you to be proactive in your marketing.

You can even measure how many times a single person watches your video, where they skip, fast forward, watch again, or where they go.

This makes the video much easier to optimize. You can’t monitor readers’ eyes in this way to see how they interact with your blog posts and banner ads.

4. Better explain your Product or Service

Video explains the usefulness and functions of a product or service clearly and quickly.

People soon get bored of reading. Even if they read all that text, it’s hard to control how they interpret it.

Seeing something helps people identify with it and understand it. They connect better with him.

The average person retains only 10 percent of what they hear, but 50 percent of what they see.

Videos are especially helpful if you have a complicated product or service.

5. Easy to share

Since word of mouth is the number one way businesses attract customers, it’s easy and convenient for customers to share your video, either one-on-one or on social media.

When it comes to your own social media campaign, video is perfect for building buzz.

Research has shown that more than 70% of Internet users watch videos online.

In fact, more than 50% of the population will watch videos this year.

This means that people are much more likely to share your content if it is a video.

6. A constant salesperson who works 24 hours a day for you

A great marketing message is seen, believed and remembered.

Salespeople can use the videos to enhance their presentation or as a virtual salesperson working for you 24 hours a day. Videos can deliver a personalized message, ensuring that key selling points are hammered home every time without having to include them in a conversation or, worse yet, forget to mention them.

Potential customers can see for themselves what you are selling, what it does, how it works, its benefits and unique features. This means they are more likely to buy it!

• 80% of web traffic is projected to come from video by 2019, with online video consumption doubling every year.

• Videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.

• 90% of purchase decisions are influenced by the product video.

• Studies have found that viewers are 64% to 85% more likely to purchase the product after watching the video.

7. Video strengthens brand recall

Print Marketing Print marketing can offer good brand recall effects, but by watching a marketing video, consumers can retain 95% of your message. When receiving the same message through text-based content, this retention rate drops to 10%.

Images and sound are the best way for marketers to evoke feelings in an audience and forge a connection with the brand. It makes it memorable. Even if they don’t buy right away, the seed is set as seed when they make future decisions.

While print marketing can have a similar brand recall effect as video, the level pales in comparison.

8. Bring out the best in your competition

If your competitors are using video, they are already reaping these benefits and getting ahead of you. If your customer can’t see what you’re selling, they’re more likely to go there! We can help you do even better than them. If you haven’t dived in yet, it’s a chance for you to get ahead. Do not waste it.

9. It is versatile

Video allows you to engage and engage your audience longer so you can convey all the information you need to make a decision.

It can be used on its own or as part of a longer-term marketing funnel.

Whatever the goal, there is a suitable type of video: corporate videos, brand documentaries, event videos, customer testimonial videos, training/how-to videos, case studies or testimonials. And so many ways to present the information: live action footage, motion graphics, or 2d/3d animation.

10. It is time efficient

People love videos and so do businesses. It allows to transmit a lot of information and data transmitted and received in a short space of time. The brain can process videos 60,000 times faster than reading. They rightly say that a picture is worth a thousand words! In most cases, video is the most cost-effective way to attract and convert people into customers. It was not possible until very recently. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunities it offers!

Of course, at the end of writing this article, the obvious question was “If video does this so well, why haven’t you turned this article into a video?” That’s how we did it!

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why you need video.

If you’d like to talk more about this or if you’re convinced you want to make the jump to video, please contact us at

We would love to hear from you!

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